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Youth & Seniors

Sailing School – Youth & Seniors

Black Rock Yacht Club has been running Start Sailing courses for adults for many years withthe majority of the participants becoming regular club racing members. We also introduced Start Sailing courses for youths in the 13 to 17 age bracket as a great way for the group to bond with people their own age while having fun. Instructors are specially chosen for their ability in relating well to this age group.

Learning to sail a dinghy is one of the best ways of becoming a competent sailor in any type of yacht. BRYC offers a pathway for adults to take when they are new to sailing. This starts off with Start Sailing 1 & 2 and then moves onto Better sailing. Sailing 1 & 2 courses are primarily aimed at boat handling and how to sail skills. Better sailing is for those who wish to improve their skills and be able fly a spinnaker or hang out on a trapeze. Race training is for those who wish to learn more about racing dinghies during club racing.

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Start sailing 1 and 2 - No or little sailing experience

The course is designed to provide a safe and enjoyable introduction to dinghy sailing for complete beginners. The course includes an introduction to fundamental boat handling skill and essential safety knowledge. Pacer dinghy and life jacket provided.

Better Sailing - Completed Start Sailing or equivalent skills

The course is designed to equip the sailor with enhanced skills and awareness of the surrounding environment. Includes spinnaker and trapeze skills. Pacer dinghy and life jacket provided.

Club Coaching - Competent sailor wanting advanced coaching

The programs are offered to both intermediate and advanced level sailors using their own boats in the following classes; Sabre, 125 and OK Dinghy