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School Teams Racing

Sailing School – School Teams Racing

What is Teams Racing

A teams-racing team will normally consist of three boats per team with two teams competing against each other in one race, normally lasting about ten to fifteen minutes. Normally all teams will race against each other in the regatta and the winner is the team with the most points. In bigger regattas the two top teams may race up to five races together to decide a winner. Teams racing requires good knowledge of the rules of sailing and superb boat handling skills.

Teams Racing Training at BRYC

BRYC has had a number of schools who train regularly at the club to compete in the Schools teams racing event held state wide and nationally.

BRYC has a fleet of 10 well maintained pacers with good quality racing sails. We have a number of rescue boat options to suit your schools training needs. Our rescue boats are well maintained and have all the appropriate safety equipment on board. We offer competitive prices and can provide a coach or you can provide your own.

BRYC can also supply life jackets for all members of your team. Training is available on any day of the week depending on other courses that are running. BRYC runs a number of teams racing events for schools during the season and we encourage the schools training with us to enter these.

BRYC has developed affiliated membership for schools that includes discounts on some memberships for supervising teachers and team members.

Should you wish to start a team or want more information on training as a school at our club please contact the club office: manager@bryc.com.au or 03 9598 0570