Black Rock Yacht Club Inc.

Race Training

Sailing School – Seniors – Race Training

This program is designed for club members who have completed the ‘Start Sailing’ and/or ‘Better Sailing’ courses who would like to progress into the club racing scene on a Saturday. The aim is to increase their confidence when sailing a dinghy in racing conditions, to a level that they feel they can purchase their own boat and race it competently.

Before sailing the first time each participant will need to be assessed to ensure they can skipper and crew the Pacer safely around the course. Each race day there will be a briefing before the race, where different topics covered relating to how to race. As the season progresses these topics will be built on, so that by the end of the season participants feel confident about what to do on the race course. At the end of racing a debriefing takes place over a drink, to discuss any issues or questions participants may have as a result of the day’s racing.

The co-ordinator will help participants team up for racing on Saturdays, usually via email on the Friday before racing.

Black Rock has a fleet of ten well maintained pacer dinghies for you to use. We can also supply life jackets. Two Pacers are rigged with spinnakers. These will be available to the participants on the program who have been assessed as competent in handling a spinnaker.

To take advantage of this program you must be a senior member of the BRYC. It is also a requirement that you undertake a club duty from time to time during the season to help run club racing on Saturdays. There is a roster that is drawn up at the start of the season and is then posted on the web. The race training group will be doing duty with division 3.

Thursday evening sailing (during day light saving, see club calender) is also included in the program and it is free.

Please contact Martin O'Malley - flismar@ozemail.com.au or via the club office if you are interested in participating. Email: manager@bryc.com.au or phone 03 9598 0570

When: Continuous during the Club Sailing Season on race days and Thursday twilight racing

Cost: $125 per 1/2 season or $15 per race day per person (pay on the day) club membership senior or intermediate required

All Club Race Days from 12.30pm