Black Rock Yacht Club Inc.

Better Sailing

Sailing School – Seniors – Better Sailing

This Course is designed to equip sailors with enhanced skills and awareness of the surrounding environment. It builds on the skills, confidence and knowledge gained in the Start Sailing 1 and 2 and will enable you to manoeuvre the boat efficiently in light to moderate conditions on all points of sailing.

This course introduces you to spinnaker and trapeze skills, such as setting and retrieving a spinnaker and getting out on the trapeze. It also covers roll tacks and gybes, sailing backwards, local buoyage and weather patterns to name a few. This course will see you enjoying your sailing more and sailing fast with a spinnaker flying.

When: Run on demand (12 hours of training) Please register your interest with the club. Email: manager@bryc.com.au or phone 03 9598 0570


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